How It Works.

Immigration Assessment

Reach out

Complete and submit a secure immigration assessment.

Introductory phone call

We will reach out to you for an introductory phone call to get to know you. 

Meeting with our Immigration Lawyer

Remotely meet with our lawyer and go over solutions in a case strategy meeting.

You make the call

Whether you decide to retain us or someone else, we hope you make the right decision and choose the right team for you.


Complete and submit a secure immigration assessment, initial immigration assessment, and intake assessment.

Phone Call

Someone from our team will reach out to you for an introductory phone call. We will then review your assessment form and setup a consultation to go over your case strategy.

Getting Started

Preliminary steps to retainers, access to client cloud portal and a customized document to get started on your profile.

Immigration Assessment Form

What are my options? Am I eligible to immigrate to Canada? Well,  you came to the right place. We will help you figure out how you can make your Canada dream come true.

What do you need to do? Simple. Stay calm and keep reading.

1. Complete the Assessment form below.
2. Upload your CV/ resume.
3. Hit submit!
4. Our onboarding team will contact you by phone, or email for an introductory call.
5. Our immigration lawyer will email you with a assessment based on the information provided to us.
Please note that this does not establish any form of  lawyer-client relationship with Perera Legal Group or with its lawyers.
6. If you are eligible to proceed to next steps, we will schedule a personal video call with our immigration lawyer.

Enter your information below:
(include country code)
Principal Applicant:
Spouse or Common-Law Partner (living together for 1 year) :
Children (if applicable):
Travel History:
Study or work experience in Canada:
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Other information :
(Roughly need CAD $150,000- $300,000)
(If yes, what is the current value?)
a. STUDENT: - TUITION (varies between $15,000 - $25,000.00) PER YEAR AND LIVING EXPENSES $10,000.00 FOR STUDENT; $4,000.00 for spouse; $3,000.00 for each child. b. PERMANENT RESIDENCE: - $12,960 for one person; $16, 135 for applicant and spouse.
Please write down any questions that you may have so we can provide further information.
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