Family Law Services

At PLG, we understand that divorce is a difficult decision, and navigating the legal procedures can be intricate and emotionally challenging. Divorce marks the start of a new chapter, necessitating strategic planning and preparation for life thereafter. Ensuring adequate resources and seeking guidance from a qualified lawyer are integral aspects of post-divorce planning.

Uncontested Divorce in Toronto

If both you and your spouse are amicable and reasonable, you may reach a settlement on all issues. In this case, all you have to do is to let the court know and ask for a divorce. You do not have to appear in court, but rather the judge signs an order of divorce that may incorporate your settlement terms. An uncontested divorce essentially means that you agree on everything, including child support, child custody arrangements, spousal support, and property and debt division.

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Contested Divorce in Toronto

A contested divorce does not mean you contest the actual divorce, but rather the terms of your divorce which may relate to parenting, support or property division. Our firm may be able to help you  reach an agreement through mediation, arbitration or mediation/arbitration. In fact, most cases settle before trial. We are prepared to litigate if necessary to protect your rights.

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Common-Law Separation

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